About Us

MAZEX is a leading provider of high-quality food-based products to manufacturers around the globe, supplying food ingredients to thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from multi-national companies with world-famous brands to small individual-run businesses. MAZEX has been certified, recognized, approved, and appreciated by reputable organizations like NEFSA, G0EIC EOS, and some major associations affiliated with the government of Egypt.

MAZEX was established in 1984, to render effective and efficient service delivery and that we’ve maintained to date. Every one of our customers depends on us to provide goods and services that are safe, on-time, and in line with required specifications. They as well depend on us to create new opportunities.

Our wide network of global food grade ingredient suppliers combined with our many years of experience keep us ahead of the competition in the food-grade ingredient markets.

Through our innovative approach, we’ve created an excellent food ingredients product basket for manufacturers and simultaneously developed sophisticated infrastructure facilities to keep our imports fresh, excellent, and premium quality. MAZEX supplies ingredients and finds solutions for her customers which includes but are not limited to; risk management solutions, logistics, and infrastructure. Through our packaged foods products, we market our brands directly to consumers in America, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, East Europe and Africa, North of Africa, Australia, New Zeeland, and most Asian countries. We are currently investing to expand our global reach from all continents by air, land, and sea freight.

Through steady research and development, we’ve created better quality, great-tasting, and more reliable products potfolio which meet our customer’s needs and improve their livelihoods. These have kept us ahead of our competitors.


Mazex supplies high-quality food ingredients at an affordable rate and delivers them to your manufacturing facility as scheduled, meeting up with a realistic deadline. 


At Mazex we’re proud to have done exactly that since 1984, ensuring our customers have smooth production runs and category-leading finished products and we will be glad to do the same for you and your company.


For any enquiry, feel free to email us at, 

mazen@mazeximport.com  –  lamia@mazeximport.com
or call +20 (100) 330-0814 – (122) 997- 7285,

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